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HEY! Welcome to the point to the view of introversive, reflecting,silently observing and theorizing girl,me.

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

Vincent van Gogh

…one of my favourite quotes.Stating that, this site is all about different things,values,concepts,ideas and knowledge that wholly makes us who we are. Some central theme around which my blogs revolve are:

  • Poems
  • Self improvement
  • Stoicism
  • Psychology
  • Personality, and many more.

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  • A question why
    Hard floor and a block to rest onBlack shadow carefully gliding aroundWhy? Why does it feel so safe?Why? Why do I wanna be left alone here? Bliss in yellow,the life in redMakes me feel seen and out of my griefWhy? Why do I feel fingers pointed out of nowhere?Why? Why do I wanna run andContinue reading “A question why”
  • Peace
    Unclenched my shoulders as you rest into my soulBreathed in deepest of your romance Felt myself from my head to my heels Made you my universe my religion my king
  • Silence and a stranger
    Still breeze flowing onto me..As places I’ve turned from became my home Know ,my heartbeat will never be mine ever.. Questioning my beliefs as I sat there light heartedSilence and a stranger, never believed could ever put me on ease Stolen glances and borrowed conversations..I found myself smiling at your unintentional charms.. Enchanting halo, withContinue reading “Silence and a stranger”
  • Bipolar
    How moon has her two sidesGloomy darkness and borrowed light Every heroes that died, and to tell the stories every villian who survived Snow one side and desert on the other extremeEven tallest mountains knows their lowest pointWho am I other than who belongs to the nature It can’t be an ignominy when I’m bipolarContinue reading “Bipolar”
  • Silhouette
    Your silhouette slowly moving past meI clenched my chest against itself..breathed as if I didn’t existed too scared to move and make another mistake You pacing on your own in my side viewEverything else is slowed downStomach screaming funny criesJust waiting for this anguish to pass by.. This path, I know now, leads to deadContinue reading “Silhouette”
  • Two blue hearts
    It’s done,everything is doneLike fire and ice have their memories goneSounds of your peers echoes to me now I never believed till today,two blue hearts burns each other down How easy is to you, how hard to me To blame it all on space and no time for the heatStones under your feet I turnedContinue reading “Two blue hearts”
  • Stupid little brother, where are you gone?
    Wasn’t it sweet back then in our gardenI used to call you Cheater and you did the same Playing hide and seek all day long i used to scream “Stupid little brother, where are you gone” How tall you are now,how far behind I amYou crave a smile on our mom,all I’ve brought around isContinue reading “Stupid little brother, where are you gone?”
  • Am I worthy of you or just like my mom? : A Poem
    How still are the waves in my ocean’s portrait And the strings on my guitar still on their breakThat’s how I lay straight on my bedWriting verses for just to feel awake My mother’s been gone for as long as I can remember But Her memory will revive soon in cold December Same touch sameContinue reading “Am I worthy of you or just like my mom? : A Poem”
  • Unfelt: A Poem
    Chills from the window,I forgot to closeFlew their way out of my doorIn between, they left a noteOf all the feelings unfelt on plot Isn’t it romantic all alongThe stories untold still longing for homePacing and waiting all summer longLike my pitiful lover across the road Oh dear, just go, fly on your ownThis heartContinue reading “Unfelt: A Poem”